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A Greeting from the State Auditor

Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha

State Auditor Julie Blaha

Thank you for your interest in the Office of the State Auditor. Our goal is to be the gold standard in government and to have the highest level of integrity. We want to recruit and hire the best and brightest team members.

The work that we conduct on behalf of Minnesota taxpayers is critical to good government. We provide oversight for over $40 billion spent per year by local governments across the State of Minnesota and work to ensure transparent accountable government. Transparency and accountability of government finances are fundamentals to ensuring the public’s trust in their government.

We have several divisions within the office that each specialize in different areas of oversight. The Audit team within the Office of the State Auditor specifically focuses on the annual financial and compliance audits of most of the counties, the cities of the first class, and some regional governments.

Our office provides a stimulating environment to work in that is productive, supportive and team oriented where we place a high value and focus on efficiency and effectiveness. We harness the efficiencies that new technology and software provide so we can issue timely cost-effective audits for our clients. As a member of the Audit team, you will gain experience through diversity of work, have many opportunities to grow professionally, and will be encouraged to specialize in your areas of interest.

If you think our office is the right fit for you, please visit our How To Apply page.


Julie Blaha

State Auditor